Memorial Day

Today in America we sit back and remember those who lost their lives so we could live in freedom.  I’m reminded of the saying, “All gave some, but some gave all.” I am so very grateful to those who did give all.

This morning I’m remembering Someone else who paid the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom. No, He’s not an American. But He died so you and I could be free. Free from the devil’s tyranny, free from sin, free from separation from God for eternity.

Yesterday attendance at my church was rather sparse. I know Memorial Day kicks off the “summer” season. I know the lake is beckoning.

But I wonder where we would all be if Jesus had opted to spend that Passover weekend at the lake instead of Jerusalem? What if He had decided He needed a break from the rat race and wanted a long weekend to relax, fish and avoid the cross?

I would be toast. You would be toast. Without Jesus sacrifice for us, we would have no hope. None. No hope of ever being “good enough” to merit God’s grace and favor. No hope of ever darkening heaven’s door. No hope of being welcomed into God’s family.  We would, as we deserve, only have God’s wrath poured over our heads to look forward too.

I am eternally grateful He choose to sacrifice. Are you?


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