The Cat that God Sent By Jim Kraus.

(and The Dog that Talked to God also by Jim Kraus)

Petey is a cat sent to help a new, fledgling full-time pastor. But not your average run-of-the-mill fledgling pastor; this pastor is one who thinks he has lost his faith.  Did God really send Petey to Jake to help him rediscover his lost faith? Will his “mission” be successful?

Though at times the book is funny, it is not one I could not put down. I found the whole thing rather silly. I know God can and does use any means and sometimes unconventional methods to get our attention and to help us grow, this just seemed a little off to  me.

In The Dog that Talked to God, Rufus talks to God and then tells his owner, Mary Fassler, what God has told him. In English. So the owner can understand.

Again, cute premise but really just a silly book.  I know God used Balaam’s donkey to talk to him, but the donkey didn’t talk to God and didn’t say what God told him. 

Neither book held my attention. However my children (10 and 12) each loved them. So maybe if the book was marketed to the pre-teen/teen reader it would be better.

You really should read these books for yourself, they might be just what you need or are looking for. Just because they aren’t my cup of tea doesn’t mean they aren’t yours.


I received a free copy of each of the books for the purpose of an honest review.


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