Praying God’s Word for Your Life by Kathi Lipp

I’ve mentioned a time or fifty million that prayer is one of the most difficult spiritual disciplines for me to do. I really struggle in that area. Mostly because I just don’t feel worthy to come before the creator of the universe, the very Holiest of Holiest. So I don’t.

It’s not that I never pray, because I do. Sometimes even fervently. But to just sit down with the intention of praying, it doesn’t happen. Usually. The times I do my mind goes completely blank. I do often send up “Thank You” prayers and “HEEELLLLPPP!!!” prayers throughout the day. I would love to do more than that and I’m sure God would love for me to do more too.

Enter my dear, dear friend, Kathi Lipp. Now Kathi and I have never met one another face-to-face yet but I still count her as a dear friend (in case you couldn’t tell by the above sentence. Yes I do have a penchant for stating the redundant obviously).  Every time I get an email offering one of her books for review, I jump at the chance.


Her latest offering is Praying God’s Word for Your Life and won’t be out until June, 2013 but plan now on getting it!

I had had it for a few days before I sat down to start reading it. I knew better than to start it in the late afternoon as I find it incredibly hard to put Kathi’s books down. This was no exception. I read no fewer than 13 chapters that night. And my soul was blessed beyond measure.

If you’re familiar at all with her other books, you know she’s a very easy author to read. Her books are full of wisdom, cleverly disguised as true stories. She uses humor to bring home truths.  Her words are hard-hitting without bludgeoning you to death.

In Praying God’s Word for Your life, she takes away all of our excuses for not praying. Excuses like Time. That’s a big one for me. “I don’t have time.” Of course if I could manage to drag my carcass out of bed earlier I’d have time.

Excuses like being distracted. I am the queen of distraction. I am incredibly easy to distract…SQUIRREL! Now what was I saying? Oh yeah…excuses like unreasonable expectations and a wandering mind. My mind not only wanders…sometimes it leaves completely.

All of Scripture is incredibly amazing. When coupled with the prayers Kathi has in the book, they simply come alive. I now have a lot more “favorite” verses than I did last week.

Friends, do yourself a favor and get this book! It isn’t available until June 1 of this year but you need this book.  Think of the power that will be unleashed in our lives when we get serious about getting to know our Heavenly Father and allowing Him to work in and through us.

“…when you give your time to God, He ub turn multiplies your time, your energy, and your gifts. There is nothing better you can do with your time –not work, not volunteer at church, not parent–than build your relationship with your heavenly Father.”

*Available June 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell a division of Baker Publishing Group.*

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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