A Big Year for Lily {Book Review}

(from my 10-year old)

A Big Year for Lily
By Mary Ann Kinsinger and Suzanne Woods Fisher

I enjoyed this book because I believe that a lot of the challenges that Lily face we will all have to face someday, if we haven’t already.

The only sad part of this book is when you turn the last page of the last chapter and realize there isn’t any more story left to read.

100_8231Lily Lapp is a most ordinary Old Order Amish girl but with her tenth birthday around the corner, school bullies, Aaron Yoder and Effie Kaufman, are determined to make Lily’s life miserable.

But when Lily is accused of switching lunches, is Aaron the only one who will stand up for her? Or will she have the courage to stand up for what is true, even if no one believes in her?

Now it’s my turn. 

I haven’t actually read this book, or the other two in the series, yet. I’m a little burned out on Amish fiction. 

What I love about the books though is the way my daughter’s eyes light up with unadulterated joy when I open the padded envelope from Baker Publishing Group and hand her the book. She is not my child that can sit still for long periods except when she has a new Lily Lapp book to read.  

I also love that a chapter into the book she was already salivating for book 4 and trying to figure out how old Lily would be in that book. 

This book was especially appealing to her because “Lily is 10 now too! Just like me!” Who doesn’t love a character their same age? I know I still get excited about this. 

I am thrilled that the books are showing my child the importance of standing up for what is right and  not always taking the easy-peasy way. 

The book (and others in the series) are available through your local Christian book store, or amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and booksamillion.com, all offer the book for under $10! A Big Year for Lily is set to release July 1, but you can pre-order your books now. 

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of review. 


3 thoughts on “A Big Year for Lily {Book Review}

  1. Ilene Witt says:

    My nine year old daughter, Katie, absolutely loved these books; she finished the first one in just one day and jumped right into the second one right away!! She loves Amish stories, so these were such a perfect fit for her. Since she’s been raving about these books so much we’ve decided to start reading them aloud so the whole family can enjoy them together!

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