Judy Baer Live! From Brentwood High {Book Review}

(From my 12-year old)

Judy Baer’s books were very easy to read. She writes in a warm,. approachable style that I like very much. The Live! series is about a group of high schoolers who are putting together news articles as a school assignment.  They all have their quirks, but when Darby, Sarah, Molly, Jake and the other kids all work together they can produce very informational stuff.

I like the books because they are fun, as well as informational. The kids carry a lot of your average high schoolers personalities, and the author divides the attention between characters very well.

However, I found that the books were not very personal. It was more like watching an informative teen TV show than reading a book about real people that you feel you really know. They are great books for passing time in a cool way, but as far as connecting with the characters, I found them lacking. I also could have done without the teen romance.

This is on the opinion of one person so check them out. You just might fall in  love with them.

My turn now.

As an adult some of my favorite books are classified as young adult. I still enjoy reading those kinds of books. However, this series was not quite up to snuff, in my opinion. As my daughter said above that is just my opinion. 

They were for the most part well-written. I thought the character development could have been a little better. Also the voice seemed to be an adult writing a book for teens. Which is true, however the voice did not sound like an actual teen. I’m really not sure I’m being clear and I’m not sure how to make it more clear. It sounded to me like an adult using adult language (not BAD language!) coming from a teen. 

I found the Christian element to be very sadly lacking. There is only one character who claims to be a believer and quote Scripture. That isn’t the issue I have. I don’t mind reading secular young adult novels,  but when they claim to be written by a Christian author, published by a Christian publisher and marketed to Christian youth, I hold them to a higher standard. I know non-Christian teens could very likely pick these books up and I don’t like the message about salvation to be their first introduction to salvation. In the first book, Sarah, the only Christian of the group, talks about her accident and how she found Jesus. She found Him because she didn’t die and then she states “we’re all God’s children.” No mention of sin, no mention of the cross, no mention of needing Him.  

As an adult we are legally responsible to contact authorities when children are experiencing situations they should not be experiencing. In book 2, one of the girls is being sexually harassed at work. When adults were made aware of the situation they did not contact the authorities, nor did they contact the girl’s parents. 

I can’t say I recommend these books, aside from the mostly good information they have. The books are quick, easy reads and do carry information that teens will be able to use. If you don’t mind Jesus lacking, you might enjoy these books. 

(I received a free copy of these books for the purpose of review. All opinions are our own.)



2 thoughts on “Judy Baer Live! From Brentwood High {Book Review}

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  2. Jacquelyn Noble says:

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