Splitting Harriet {Book Review}

100_8249Splitting Harriet by Tamara Leigh is a humorous book about Harriet Bisset. Harri, as she is called by her friends, is the women’s ministry leader in her church. A church her father started, and a church that has known Harri her whole life, good, bad and ugly.

Harri struggles with what is right and some major changes in the church structure. Her dad has moved onto another ministry, and the new pastor wants to change things.  He wants to change the music from piano and organ only to a more contemporary service with guitars and drums.  He hires a consultant to lead them through the changes and propose additional changes as necessary.

Harri is adamantly opposed to all things involving change, especially if the change means spending time with Maddox, the consultant, especially because he drives a motorcycle, a very nice motorcycle. He drives this motorcycle through a trailer park housing the older generation. Yes, Harri lives there too and Maddox is living in a trailer house there too while he is consulting.

Will Harri learn to accept the changes or will she choose to be miserable?

I have read (and reviewed) this book previously, (and as my luck would have it I can’t find a link to my first review), I found it to be just as good this go-round as I did the first. This is one of those novels that hits you between the eyes with a truth while making you laugh at the same time.

If you’re looking for a light, summer read that is packed full of truth and giggles, look no further than Tamara Leigh’s book, Splitting Harriet.


(I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. All opinions are my own.)


3 thoughts on “Splitting Harriet {Book Review}

  1. Grover Caldwell says:

    Harriet watches helplessly as the church she has been a part of most of her life undergoes what she considers disasterous changes. She would not consider those changes to be quite as bad, though, if they were not such a strong reminder of the situation that sparked her past rebellion, and if Maddox, the charming church consultant and the man behind the changes wasn’t intent on changing her as well. A reformed rebel, Harriet is determined to avoid any temptation that presents itself to her, and Maddox happens to be one of those temptations.

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