School Daze

This week starts our new school year.  I’ve spent some time contemplating and pondering the age old question, “where has the time gone?”

It seems only yesterday I was teaching my oldest how to read while her little sister slept. Or mostly didn’t sleep but at least was otherwise occupied.

HOLY COW! I just realized I have been doing some kind of school for 10 years!  I have been teaching my children for over 13 years, but only school type teaching for 10.

Ten years of piling books on the kitchen table and all sitting around it. Ten years of teaching the basics of reading, ‘ritin’ and ‘rithmetic.

Ten years of giggles and tears at the dining room table. Ten years of concepts grasped, new things caught, understanding dawning.  Ten years of my wondering if they will ever learn it. Ten years of pondering my success as a homeschooling parent. Ten years of wondering just how much I’m warping my children. Ten years of pondering how much I’ll have to save for their sessions with the psychologist when they’re older.

Ten years.

And yet I can see God’s hand in it all. And for that, I remain forever grateful. Without Him, the psychologist bills would be infinitely higher, tears would outweigh the giggles, success would be failure.

First day of school:

6th Grade!

6th Grade!

8th grade

8th grade


Class by myself.

Class by myself.


Second day:





Ready to rumba!

Ready to rumba!





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