Stones for Bread KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway from Christa Parrish! Pin It & Win It!

(My thoughts following.)
Christa Parrish is celebrating her fourth novel, Stones for Breadwith a KitchenAid Mixer giveaway.

#StonesforBread KitchenAid Mixer Contest #ChristaParrish

Easy steps to enter:

1. Follow Christa Parrish and TNZ Fiction on Pinterest.

2. Then Pin the Stones for Bread book cover (below), the contest graphic (above), or both, and link to this post (using this URL: #StonesforBread KitchenAid Mixer Contest #ChristaParrish

3. Then fill out THIS SHORT FORM to let us know. (There are also some additional ways to earn extra entries, as well as an option for non-Pinterest users. It’s true—people like that do exist!)

Questions? Email info @ litfusegroup dot com.

Winner will be announced on 12/9 on Christa’s Facebook Page.

My thoughts:
I love the bread recipes in this book! I haven’t yet had a chance to make any, but I’m dying to try my hand.
Liesl McNamara is the main character in the book, and she lives, eats, and sleeps bread. She owns her own bakery and lives in an apartment upstairs.  It seems to her that her whole life has been built up around the making of bread. She watched her grandmother and mother make bread.
She has her life all neatly wrapped up. It’s just how she wants it. But then things start happening to disrupt her plans.  Can she keep it together?
This book, written in the first person, was a little hard to get into. And there were parts I didn’t like (but who doesn’t have parts of books they don’t like??), but over all the book was a great read!

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