Dear Mr. Knightley {Book Review}

Oh my soul! I just read the best book of the year  yesterday! Honestly, people, this book is a MUST read for everyone.

Samantha “Sam” Moore is 23 years old, lives in a group home and dreams of going to college. She also quotes Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte excessively. Since she grew up mostly dysfunctional, she lives in her head. Every time she is afraid or insecure, she quotes her favorite characters in books.

Then she gets the opportunity to go to college to study journalism, all expenses paid through a grant. The only stipulation for her grant money is she needs to write Mr. Knightley and update him on her progress through school. She uses her letters to him as both a means to update him and as a diary.

She writes her thoughts, her past, her feelings about everything. She writes about meeting one of her favorite modern-day authors after attending a guest lecture he presented. She writes of her first boyfriend and the disastrous end of that relationship.

But will she meet Mr. Knightley? What happens if she does?  Can she form lasting friendships?

This is one of those books you can’t put down, so you hope it ends soon so you can get up and get things done. But then when it ends you feel like crying because it’s over. It’s a book that should never end.

Dear Mr. Knightley is written by Katherine Reay. She weaves a masterful story. From the first line you’re drawn into the lives of the characters. You become the characters.

I found myself at times laughing hysterically and at other times I was near sobbing.  Sometimes my tears were joyful, other times I felt so deeply for Sam that I couldn’t help but cry.

I received a free copy of the book for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own, and my opinion right now is that YOU need to read this book!!! So go get a copy already and read it!


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