Andi Unexpected {Book Review}

Andi Boggs parent’s passed away in a plane crash in Guatemala. She has been living with the Cragmeyers and her sister, Bethany, until school is out for the summer.

She and Bethany move to live with their Aunt Amelie. Andi makes a deal with Amelie, in exchange for her own room, Andi will clean out the attic. While she does that she finds an old trunk with the name, Andora engraved on it.

A mystery! Amelie tells Andi whatever is in the trunk is her’s to keep since it has her name on it. (Andi is short for Andora.)  Andi and the neighbor boy, Colin set out to find more about that Andora.

Their quest takes them to the museum where they meet Mr. Finnigan and Dr. Girard. Can they be trusted? Should they trust them? What happens if they trust the wrong one?


The book is an excellent book for older children/young teens. Andi is 11 and her older sister is 13. My 11 year old read the book and LOVED it! I, too loved the book. It held my attention. The characters were masterfully constructed and very believable. The plot also was well-developed and moves along nicely.

It is marketed as a Christian book from a Christian publisher, but it is not overtly Christian in nature. Praying is mentioned a couple of times, they go to church once, but I think that is because the book takes place in less than a week so there was only one Sunday. (But I could be mistaken.) I would have liked to see more of godly influence in the book.  I like that when Andi disobeys her aunt there are consequences for her actions.

I give the book 5 out of 5 turning pages.

Here is what my 11 year old thought of the book:

I LOVE this book! The main reason is that it is one of the few children’s mysteries that I’ve read that you don’t know who it was right away. The fact that Andi is my age is just an added bonus. The only think I didn’t like about Andi Unexpected was that it had to end. It was so good I didn’t want it to!

When Andora (Andi) and her sister, Bethany, go to stay with an aunt after their parents death, she and Bethany must share a bedroom. Unless Andi can clean up the attic. Andi takes up the challenge. But while she is up there she sees a hinge on the wall! When she opens it she finds a secret compartment with a trunk in it! What makes the trunk so odd is that has Andi’s name on it. Her aunt tells her anything in the trunk must be hers, but Andi isn’t convinced. With her new friend, Colin, by her side, Andi must decide how far to take the search for the “first Andora”. But with every answer leading to another question. Who is this Andora? And more importantly, what happened to her?

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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