Some day I’ll look back and laugh…

But today isn’t that day.

Last night I had a 31 party, at my house.  Have I mentioned I’m a rather large extrovert? I am energized from being with people. I am. Getting together with other people in the evening messes with my sleep. In bad. Dastardly ways.  So I a small measure of trouble falling asleep.

I wanted to wake up at 6, we have some little children coming to play, and I wanted to be sure I’d have time to get myself looking not quite so scary, and have my quiet time, and breakfast before they arrived. I woke up at 7. After I woke up at 4. I almost immediately hopped in the shower.

We have an old house, and it takes the hot water a little bit to warm up, this morning I completely forgot to turn on the cold until 2 seconds before I jumped in the shower. When we run water in the tub it doesn’t drain as fast as it fills (but does fine when we’re showering), so there was a couple inches of hot water in the tub.

Did I say HOT water? Try water as hot as the surface of the sun. I burned my poor feet.

Out of the shower, I’m getting ready to wash my cast iron skillet. It wasn’t washed last night after supper (see the beginning paragraph), but it had been moved to the counter. Where it was placed in a puddle of water. To sit. All. Night. I now have matching rust circles on my blue countertops. Blue countertops I despise but lack the funds necessary to replace. The rust makes it look oh-so much …well anything but better.

Fast forward, homemade hashbrowns are cooking, so is my morning egg. I realize I have not yet made my coffee. I walk to the china cabinet, open it and completely forget what I was doing. Then I remembered. Then I forgot what I needed to make the coffee.

I finally had enough brain cells to grab a filter, and a cup.

And couldn’t find the coffee I had already ground the other day. It was just on the counter last night, this morning it’s gone.  I now grab my bean grinder and grind more beans. I then proceed to the dishwasher, get my one cup maker (it’s too cool! It looks like a cup, but isn’t. I put my filter in it, my coffee in that, place it on my mug for the day, and just add hot water.) and proceed to overfill it, all over the dining room, and my “counter height chairs” (I can not for the life of me think what those are called really…not bar stools…but????) . I wander around the kitchen in search of a towel to clean up the spilled coffee, and I can’t find one anywhere.

That is when I realized I had one on my head.

I double checked the calendar, it did verify it is Tuesday, but man! It feels like a Monday.


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