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Project Day!

I’ve had some requests for photos of my projects lately. Since I’m usually super busy on Wednesdays I thought it would be a perfect day for a picture post.

100_8388This is large granny square afghan I made for The Linus Project.

100_8389And another view.

100_8390It is crocheted in cotton fleece yarn from Brown Sheep. Brown Sheep yarn is the best yarn in my not-quite-completely-humble opinion. I would tell you the colors, except they escape me at the moment.

100_8396This is just a small baby blanket I knit on the diagonal.


100_8394This is also using Brown Sheep yarn.

100_8392I hate how bright my flash was on this one. I LOVE the colors. This is a discontinued yarn from….yes, you guessed it, Brown Sheep.

That is also the ear warmer I made for Andre the Giant.  I first learned to knit, hated every single moment of it. I have recently picked it back up again. I’ve been surprised to find I enjoy it. My oldest child is much better at knitting than I am, so I am contemplating having her take out a few rows to fix this so it will fit my head.

100_8399I did not make these.  My youngest daughter, Beanie, received a rubber band loom for her birthday in November, and just recently purchased an extension for it. She has been a bracelet/necklace making fiend ever since.  She is wanting to sell some of her creations, so if you’re interested, just leave a comment and we’ll be in touch.



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