Our church hosts AWANA every Wednesday night and has for many years.  My girls have been attending since my oldest was 3. We started with Cubbies and have moved all the way up through TREK. (Cubbies is for preschoolers, and TREK is the Junior high program.) Our church does not currently have Journey which is for high schoolers. Goober has already been pegged for a Leader In Training by our TNT directors.

TNT is the program, formerly called Chums and Guards(girls)/Pals/Pioneers(boys), for 3-6th graders. Beanie is in TNT as a 6th grader.

Where has the time gone???

Every year our AWANA program hosts and competes in the AWANA Bible Quiz. This is a day for all the clubbers in TNT to be tested on the verses they have learned, search sites they’ve done, and  in general answer questions over what they have learned in the current AWANA book.

My girl competed this year, as she has in years past. She completed her book (which is normal for her) and had a slight advantage over those who have not yet completed their book. The test, in two parts, multiple choice (oral) and written), is over the complete book. So it is entirely possible for the children to be tested on something they haven’t learned yet.

There are 12 questions in the multiple choice and 12 questions in the written.  Each one is graded separately.  For any clubber who gets all 12 questions correct, they are awarded a purple ribbon immediately.

IMG_20140201_094226They are getting final instructions from the AWANA missionary. Beanie is the second girl.

IMG_20140201_094343To answer a question, they are given 3 cards with A-B-C. They hold up the one that corresponds to the correct answer. This was a practice question. The question was “Who will win the Super Bowl? A-Broncos, B-Seahawks or C-I don’t care.” What you can’t see is Beanie holding up the C card.

IMG_20140201_095616It’s a little blurry, I was excited. She is holding up her answer to the final question.

IMG_20140201_095641The truth dawns on her. She answered correctly.

IMG_20140201_095754She got a PERFECT score!

IMG_20140201_100438High Honors. And she earned them all.

IMG_20140201_100029Here she is preparing to take the written part of the quiz. She missed one. One question away from 2 perfect scores.

I’ve been involved AWANA for a number of years. I’ve spent 5 years as a quiz coach. This is the first time I’ve taken a team of girls in which one got a perfect score. They just don’t happen all the time.

What a way to go out though! Her last Quiz with a perfect score. She has already expressed an interest in next year helping coach a team of 3rd graders for the quiz.


6 thoughts on “Perfect!!!

  1. Laura says:

    Congratulations to Beenie! I knew she could do it! She did a great job, and her team was blessed to count her in with them! I’m so sad we won’t have her in T&T next year!

    (PS: As far as I know, all the quizzing is limited to the first half of the book only, to keep it level. 🙂 )

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