It might have been too much

It was probably very wishful thinking that I would both make supper, and have the ability to take pictures of our fabulous beef-and-bean burritos. Because folks, it just didn’t happen last night. It didn’t. Not any of it.

Apparently after spending a day being mostly dead, you’re not really all that up for important things like cooking and blogging. No,instead you find yourself thinking long and hard over non-consequential things like breathing and not being mostly dead.

How selfish of me.

Anyway. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. My favorite non-holiday holiday. And this year I could really care less. Really. I am completely hoping that tomorrow it will all change, and I’ll be able to embrace the day in all it’s lovely glory.

Since we’re not dining at home on Friday, I’m making the burritos tonight if it kills me. Which I’m sure it won’t. At least I hope not.

While we’re on the subject of cooking, have you ever noticed when you really like something, say hashbrowns from the freezer section of your grocery store that you eat them a lot?A lot a lot?!!  I have. I’ve also noticed I love them when we go out.

But what I’ve really noticed is how much the price adds up. Those things aren’t cheap! Holy cow! I’ve learned to make them at home..on the cheap. Last week our grocery store (okay, so we have more than one…) had 20 pounds of potatoes on sale for $5!

Five dollars!! Can you beat that? I, of course, being the good Irish girl that I am, bought 20 pounds. If I was a perfect Irish girl, I would have bought 40.

But I’m not perfect.

I’ve been making my own hashbrowns for several months now, and let me tell you, it has completely ruined store bought, or restaurant bought potatoes. completely.

But do you want to know what is really? Dice up an onion and cook it with the potatoes.

Do you want to know what is really, really good? Dice up some onion and peppers and cook with the potatoes.

Now, I’ve done it. I’ve made myself hungry. Which is a good thing. A very good thing.

For hashbrowns, it’s really very simple.

You need potatoes. That be a “duh”, but you’d be surprised the people that don’t know hashbrowns start off as a good potato.  (And just to be perfectly clear, this girl is Irish and eats potatoes. I do not eat white rice, sugar or flour. Potatoes I do eat. Please don’t confuse it anymore. I eat potatoes. I eat white food. Just not unhealthy-processed white food.)

You’ll also need your grater. A skillet. I’m partial to cast iron, but really any skillet will do. And butter. Lots of butter, unless you’re using a seasoned cast iron skillet.

While you’re grating the potato, melt butter in your skillet. When your potato is completely grated, grab a coupe paper towels, and squeeze all the water out of your uncooked hashbrowns. Make sure you get all the water you can out, or they will stick.

Dump in the warm skillet, add salt and pepper. Stir around a little and then leave alone. Start to dice your onion and pepper if you’re so inclined to add them. Watch out though, when the onion hits the hot pan, the stinging eye whatever will fly up and blind you.

Cook, stirring/flipping occasionally. Now, because they are so thin it really doesn’t take them long to cook. But I like mine crunchy, so I leave them in a bit longer.

I also like to add a little more butter and pop an egg in there too. Not on the hashbrowns, but on the side. When you flip that over, add a slice of cheese. Yummy!

Now, I must go eat breakfast.

What is your favorite breakfast food?


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