In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a bit MIA lately. Life has happened….again….at warp speed.

In December we added our oldest daughter to my cell phone plan, she has started babysitting recently, and most of the families she babysits for do not have landlines. Mr. FullCup and I couldn’t seem to remember to give her one of our phones, so occasionally she was alone with no means of communication.

Except for the children.

Which really isn’t all that great. Maybe if they screamed really loud their parents would hear? But probably not.

She was familiar with my phone, so she chose to get my old phone, and I had the new one.  I should have known better. I really should have. My old phone had it’s quirks and minor frustrations. If I was going to take the new phone I wanted one compatible with what I had. (A very nice Samsung Galaxy S2.) I asked the sales clerk and he assured me, of course, that it was “basically the same”.

In a word. No.

In three words, No, it wasn’t.

That phone was annoying, and did not have a lot of the features of the Samsung. Because of other problems with my phone carrier (Mr. FullCup has a different carrier) we decided we are going to ditch the contract and go with their pre-paid (like straight talk). But I did not want that dumb smart phone anymore.

I felt stuck, because I didn’t want to pay full price for the phone I really wanted, but I didn’t want to ditch the contract with the phone I had.

Enter Mr. FullCup. Maybe he was tired of hearing me complain about the idiot phone, or maybe he was just tired of paying the exorbitant bill every month, he told me to “BUY the phone you want!”

I let no grass grow under my feet. And I found a really sweet deal on the phone..unlocked. Yay me! When the phone came in the mail, I quickly switched out SIM cards and was on my way to chatting and texting away.

Or not.

You see my phone was supposed to come unlocked. It didn’t. It’s locked. So while it shows I have service, it also shows I’m roaming. And when I’m roaming I lose all data connectivity. Do you know how hard it is to use the GPS on your phone when you have no data?

Yeah. Impossible.

Mr. FullCup was reading the manual that came with my phone. Yes, he does that. No, I don’t. We get along great. In reading it we all got several chuckles, and thoughts of “really? Did they have to say that?”

For example:

Be careful not to damage your fingernails when you remove the back cover.
No, really. Let me damage my own fingernails, please!

Do not insert the device or supplied accessories into the eyes, ears, or mouth.
Really??? But I want to stab myself in the eye with it. 

If your device has a camera flash or light, do not use it close to the eyes of people or pets.
Hey! I just stabbed it in my eye, I want everyone around me to feel my pain! It’s only fair!

Store your device only on flat surfaces. If your device falls, it may be damaged.

Do not store your device near or in heaters, microwaves, hot cooking equipment, or high pressure containers.
“Oh, where should I keep my phone? I don’t know. I guess I’ll store it in the microwave.”  Is always my first thought.

Do not bite or suck the device or the battery.
There goes my mid-morning snack.



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