Yes, this is another post about sending love through the United States Postal Service. You see in the past couple of weeks, maybe even just last week, I have no ideas really, I was studiously doing my Bible study homework.

Because you that’s how I roll…

One of the exercises was to think back on our life, divide it in quarters, (mine was easy…every 11 years) and write how we saw God working and moving. Some areas were hard, because let’s face it, who remembers their own birth?  Some were hard because life was hard and I didn’t want to relive any of that hard, yucky stuff.

As I moved through the quarters, one name immediately sprang to mind. I couldn’t shake it. It was as if God was saying, “Remember them? Remember how they showed Me to you? Remember?” And I did. I wrote the name in my book and that was enough.

For that part.

I couldn’t shake, again, the feeling that I had to somehow let them know. I could have called them and that would have been sufficient. I could have sent a message on facebook and that would have been sufficient. But I felt God was asking me to do more.

I dug out my card making items and made them a thank you card. It wasn’t fancy. But it got the job done.  I popped it in the mail.

Which I have found is a great way to get things to their intended receiver. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve gotten cards all ready to mail and then forgot to actually mail them. (Which reminds me…dig out the birthday thank you cards and mail them!)

Last night I saw these old friends. The ones that so showed me Jesus, here are the comments I heard;

“It made my day!”


“I had no idea!”

You see, I’m convinced we never know how we are being used in someone’s life. And really until we stop and think about it, we don’t really realize how much God has used someone in our life to grow us, to reveal Himself to us in new ways.

So, today ponder this. Ponder the people God has used in your life. And then send them a thank you.


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