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Dear World

It is entirely too nice outside to sit inside and blog. So here are some pictures I’ll share (since the wind…a gentle breeze really…is blowing about 60mph.)







Child of the Most High God, Wife, Home-schooling Momma of 2. I love Jesus, people and coffee. I am the somewhat eternal optimist viewing the coffee cup as half nothing, it's full...even when I'm chewing the grounds at the bottom.

2 thoughts on “Dear World

  1. Ah, so you are there after all! 😉 Yes, Grandma loved peonies and I’ve planted them in our little “remembrance” garden for her. Luckily they grow pretty well here and we usually get some good blooms (unless we get a really late snow!).

    And I agree it’s hard to be inside when it’s so beautiful outside!!

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