So Not Okay, Mean Girl Makeover. By Nancy Rue

(I did not read this book. I handed it to my 13 year old and I haven’t seen it since. But she was kind enough to also write the review, so I’m happy. Oh and she’s already talked about reading it again, and we all know that is always a good sign.)

I absolutely loved this book!! It inspired me, taught me, and made me laugh.

Tori is your average (by which I mean not at all average) 6th grader.  She knows better than to mess with Kylie Steppe, the ruling monarch but the new girl, Ginger, doesn’t.  Tori, her BFFs Ophelia and Winnie, along with Ginger and Mitch, (the toughest one) are suddenly in the middle of a war. Tori can’t stand to see Ginger being tormented day after day but if she tries to intervene, Kylie will turn on her, Ophelia and Winnie. She doesn’t want to lose her best friends, but now what can she do?

Then her grandma has an accident, and her dad’s new assistant-a dwarf named Lydia-seems to hate Tori. When everything falls apart, can Tori trust God and open her eyes to find friends in unexpected places? And can she and her friends win the first battle in the war against bullying?

The only thing I did not like about the book was that the girls tried not to show any emotion to the bullies. I know it doesn’t help, but I don’t think it’s right to stamp it all inside.

All the same, I highly recommend this as a wonderful book for 6-8th grade girls.

Thanks, Mrs. Rue!


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