{K}nit Wit

I’ve been a little busy bee lately. Between yard work and fiber projects, I’ve kept myself running from sun up to sun down. Today is cloudy, cold, snowy and rainy  so I get to stay inside and get caught up on other less-fun things.

I find it so hard when it is nice, warm and sunny to stay inside but when I’m outside all the time the inside of my house starts to look a little more than a little frightful. So I should be happy for a cloudy day to get caught up. But I find it incredibly hard to be thankful and happy for days like this.

It could be that days like this get on my last nerve. I get so tired, lack all motivation, generally get a migraine. Compound that with the thought that my already ignored little house looks 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times worse because it’s cloudy and I’m a little on the down side of life, I find myself questioning if anything is worth it.

But Jesus.

And it is. So as soon as I’m done with this I’ll be folding laundry, making the bed, sweeping the floor.  I thought first though I’d share a few pictures of what I’ve been working on.

I’ve never been a gardener. Yard work was used often as a punishment for me (“You’ll go outside and weed the garden. Do NOT come in for any reason until it is completely weed-free” type of punishment), more people don’t grow up to reach the middle of their 4th decade and learn they really love yard work when that was their experience. But I love it. I love every aspect of yard work. Weeding, hoeing, fertilizing, mowing, planting, watering…you name it.

The only BIG problem, I can’t plant a vegetable garden. Oh I could but I couldn’t work in it. My allergies do me in for weeks when I do. I can plant, but someone else needs to weed and harvest. It’s a good thing I have a couple of girlies.


I moved into my house in August of 2001, and I’ve always had an “ugly” part just by the curb. I’ve thought a lot about what to plant out there. I’ve toyed with planting grass, but just never did. I have tried to plant different flowers there, but they never last. I need something hardy because it gets full sun all. day. long.  This year I decided I was done just leaving it ugly.

I read on my aunt’s blog about a memory garden she has started with some peony and other flowers. I remembered my grandma’s favorite flower was the peony. I don’t remember knowing what they looked like as a child, but a friend of mine has some in her yard and I fell in love with them the moment I saw them. So pretty and fragrant!

I started memory garden. The above rose is one plant in there. We named this one “Katie” after my dear friend and running buddy. She is still very much alive, but still in a coma. I can’t wait until she comes home and I can give her some of her roses.

I also have two peony bushes. I read that both roses and peonies like full sun, and need at least a half a day of sunshine.  An added bonus for me was they also play nice together.  I planted one pink and one white plant. I can’t wait until they bloom……..next year.


I like instant gratification so I bought one rose bush with a bloom and 5 buds. This is Katie’s bush before we planted it. Isn’t it gorgeous!


I didn’t plant my tulips this year. Some were here when we moved in, others I planted. I think tulips have to be one of my favorite flowers. The first warm days every spring have me out searching for buds. My tulips always bloom late so I’m setting myself up for disappointment every year I look so early. I can’t help myself. These will be yellow. Or yellow with a red streak in the middle of each petal. Some years they are just yellow, other years yellow and red.

20140507_120629 20140507_120632

The other two rose bushes I planted. I can’t remember what the girls named these, but they both start with “R”. I forgot to mention the peony bushes are named Lynn and Roberta after my grandmother. Apparently I have failed to take a picture of those.

For the first time in my life I mulched in my own yard. It felt good! The bad thing? Now my across-the-street-neighbor wants me to come do his yard. And Mr. FullCup said, “Sure! She’d be glad to! She loves this!” And I do. But I’m as dumb as a rock when it comes to yard work. I’ve learned as I’ve done it. The last thing I want to do it screw someone’s yard up.


These aren’t in the ugly part, but I’ve come to love my irises.

I’ve also been busy crocheting. I mentioned here about crocheting for The Linus Project. I finished my second (maybe third…I have to measure) blanket last week. I love how it turned out.


A friend of mine had a baby on my birthday. Yay!! So I had to make a little something-something for the new baby.


What that doesn’t show you is the adorable elephant buttons I found.

This is getting very long, but one more picture. This is the storm that threatened to move in all week, finally made it yesterday afternoon. It brought cold temps, rain, thunderstorms, hail and snow. Yes, snow. In May.



2 thoughts on “{K}nit Wit

  1. Maura Klene says:

    Oh, aren’t peonies beautiful? I hope yours grow well and you get lots of blooms! I have a bunch of buds and hope they made it through last night’s snow.

    I love your Linus blanket, what great colors… and the tiny dress is so sweet.

    Stay warm, see you later! 🙂

    • myfullcup says:

      I *love* peonies! I will be thrilled if I get a bloom this year, but I’ve read enough about them to know it will probably be next spring/summer. I think I have one very small bud on one peony plant. So I am hopeful.

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