This week has been simply delicious. The sun has been high, the clouds few, the temps soaring, the iced coffees flowing.  I have been able to really get out, exercise and get some work done. During the cold months I find it too easy to give into the pull of the recliner and allow the lack of motivation to dictate my day. But when the sun is shining and it’s warm, it’s an entirely different story.

So far today:

  • Beanie delivered to ballet dress rehearsal
  • Thirty-One bag delivered
  • Coffee consumed
  • 2 mile walk
  • Mowed the yard…at least I started mowing until I ran out of gas in my mower
  • Ran to the bank, McDonald’s, and the gas station
  • Finished mowing the yard
  • Watched part of today’s stage of the Giro Italia
  • Beanie again delivered to a dress rehearsal
  • Laundry folded
  • Laundry hung on the line
  • Lawn mowing mess cleaned up. (It’s a good thing tomorrow is trash day, my yard waste container is quite full and it’s almost too heavy for me to move.  In the last week I’ve mowed my yard 3 times, the last 2 times I’ve emptied the bag 11 times!)

I am now feeling very energized, but my body is revolting…or errr….rebelling. It just doesn’t want to move.


One thought on “Today

  1. mkle says:

    It’s been beautiful this week, hasn’t it? E and I and the kids spent yesterday morning at the (outdoor) pool. As we watched the kids play and (accidentally) toasted ourselves a little we marveled that just 10 days earlier it had been snowing like crazy! Spring is fun, isn’t it… 🙂

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