Springingly Spring-like.

With a little bit of summer tossed in for good measure.


I have worked and worked to get my yard looking lovely.  I have had quite a bit of trouble with grubs (grrrrrr) destroying the grass, and a husband who despises yardwork, so I have taken it over.

I made my own grub killer and it seems to have worked. Which makes me no end of happy.


Isn’t it lovely!?!?!?!?!

You can’t really see my irises too well in the pictures, but they are blooming like crazy. Or they were when I took this picture. Right now they are dying like crazy. I never thought I like irises until I was given these a few years ago from a friend who was cleaning out her flower beds. I get so giggly excited when I see the blooms start appearing. They never open fast enough for me.  These in front are pretty much all one color, in the back I have some that are a tan-ish and purple, and white with purple. Gorgeous!


My poor, poor back yard. Two or three years ago we had to redo the plumbing in the house, taking out the 1925 (original!) drain pipe from the basement and replacing it. I had a backhoe in the yard and that destroyed some grass, we also had to take out the fence which is why it looks wonky in the picture. It looks wonky because it is wonky. If you look to the right of the small deck you can see the patio ends, that was all cemented in but the plumbers took out cement to drag the pipe out through the crawl space.  We’ve been promising ourselves we’re going to replace the cement, but yeah…it hasn’t happened. So I’m thinking I’ll just put in pavers and a fire pit with chairs. Or maybe I’ll go all crazy-crazy and get a picnic table. (I must be simply exhausted still because I really started to spell picnic, pick… and couldn’t think how to spell nic. We planted the evergreen trees a couple of years ago, and we just love how much they have grown. Well three of the four have grown. The top on one tree broke off so it’s more of a bush.


If anyone has any tips on how to keep the tops from leaning over…I’m all ears..orr errr eyeballs.


I LOVE lilies and I’m anxiously awaiting the blooms here.


My memory garden. I actually snapped this picture last week and it has really changed already.  I’ve clipped the roses off, and the two little rose bushes in the front of the picture have 8 buds between then. The peonies are not budding, but I’m not really expecting them to until next year.  A friend told me not to plant peonies if I didn’t like them because you can’t get rid of them. A friend of hers wanted to get rid of some and so they poured cement over the plants. The peonies came up around the cement.


4 thoughts on “Springingly Spring-like.

  1. mkle says:

    Everything does look just beautiful! Nice job on the grass… that’s my weak spot. I can grow flowers and veggies all day, but the grass always looks a little straggly… any tips? It was so good to see you and the girls the other day… thank you so much for coming down! talk soon….

    • myfullcup says:

      My grass is a cool weather grass so it always looks better in the spring/fall than the heat of summer. So far this year I’ve fertilized twice (just bought weed and feed from Menards, the fertilizer is great…I’m not a fan of the weed killer part.) I think have it nice and thick helps. I water after I mow (which right now is twice a week!), unless it has been very rainy. I plan on fertilizing again before it gets too hot in hopes of keeping up with the heat.

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