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Moms are an interesting lot. We have a constant fear of failing  hanging over our heads. We’re pretty darn sure we’re warping our children for life, and will indeed spend billions of dollars on the million hours of therapy our children will need. We’re desperate for help as our hope drains to nothing. But we’re so darn stinking afraid to ask for the help we need. We don’t want anyone else to know we’re screwing up, lost hope around the time our children came home from the hospital, or if we’re lucky at least by their first birthday.

We don’t share our struggles for a number of reasons. We judge our inside by someone else’s outside. We look at other moms and how they act/interact with their children and automatically conclude she has it altogether and would never in a million years understand our struggle.

We fear rejection and judgement. If someone knew our struggle, or knew what our child was doing, or is really like they would think twice about associating with us. Maybe we think this for good reason. Maybe we have experienced this. Or maybe we felt this way when we heard of another mom’s struggle.

We measure ourselves and always come up lacking. We lack mercy, grace, love, knowledge, skills to name a few.  I fear our social media society makes it entirely too easy to judge and utter hurtful words to each other.

I know I am not alone in struggling with raising my children. Children who are born with the same sin nature we all have. Children who don’t always follow the plan. Children who don’t always follow God like we would like. Children who act in ways we don’t want other parents to know because we fear how their behavior reflects on us.

We all struggle with being a Bad Mom.  But we aren’t alone! My friend, Kathi Lipp has written another stellar book.  A book that offers hope and encouragement to every Momma in the trenches. Please don’t let the cover photo make you think it is only for Mommas of young children, this is a must read for Mommas in every stage of mothering.  We all struggle. And we all need help and hope.

And we all need friends who are willing to offer that help, to infuse us with hope. We all need to be those kinds of friends.

This book is jam-packed with real life stories, with real-life struggles. With real hope.

This is not a “how-to have perfect children” book. This is a book filled with grace and love for when we do mess up, for when our children don’t go according to plan (and really who’s children do?)

Take it from me, another Momma in the trenches, go to and order this book. I will warn you, the response has been amazing lately and they have trouble keeping this book in stock so you better order it sooner rather than later.


I received a free copy of this book from the author/publisher for the purpose of review.


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