This week….

I had such grandiose plans for this week. It was vbs week at church and three-fourths of us were involved in helping. One-fourth of us decided the best way to help was to stay home and out of the way, thereby giving her plenty of time to deep, deep clean her house and declutter.

(Have you ever noticed decluttering is a full time job? The more you do it, the more you have to? Its like all your stuff sees items leaving and decides they need to reproduce like dust bunnies? )

Monday started off super. I ran/walked 3 miles, mowed the yard, and managed to get the laundry done.

Tuesday I borrowed a friends trampoline and jumped for 10 minutes. I wanted to run, but my stupid shoes gave me a blister. It seems I ran around a lot, but I can only think of two errands.

Wednesday, ran the family to vbs, again jumped, ran back to get the 11.5 year old from vbs so she could go to ballet class. I sat in the van and crocheted while twinkle toes did her dance.

Thursday; walked to friend’s house to jump, set off their home security alarm. Played with their cat, walked back home and crocheted some more.

Today is Friday…we’ll see if I get any more housework done. I have a mental list of what needs done but the sun is shining and warm. All I want to do it read and/or crochet outside.


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