Adventures In Odyssey

I remember being in my late teens-early 20s. I was working for a local dentist, who played Christian radio throughout the office. Every afternoon a kid’s program would come on and life would almost come to a stop, so everyone could listen.

Almost 30 years later, I’m still a fan.

The program?

Adventures in Odyssey.  Whit, Connie, Eugene, Bernard, Mr. Walton, the whole gang.

Recently I grabbed my girls, a friend’s daughter and we hit the road for northwestern Wyoming. Driving from southeastern South Dakota, across to our destination with an Adventures in Odyssey cd in the van reacquainted me with lost episodes. We laughed, we groaned. We learned.

At least I did.

I love the values that are taught by AIO. I love that AIO seems to encompass all ages. My girls are 14 and 11, I’m a lot older and we all enjoy listening.

The radio episodes are not for a certain age group, they aren’t too young for anyone. Some of them might be a bit to old for for young children, but they do issue that disclaimer on those episodes.

Did you know you can listen to AIO online? Focus on the Family has an online Odyssey Adventure Club.  You can listen to episodes, read a daily devotion, search albums and podcasts, you can even go on adventures (one is about how to turn a stranger into a friend…I should do that one!!)

You can join the Odyssey Adventure Club for only $5!! Think of it as a $5 investment in your children’s lives, their hearts, and some sanity for you.


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