DreamTreaders by Wayne Thomas Baston {A Review}

Archer is one of three DreamTreaders. He often battles the Nightmare Lord, sometimes with good results, sometimes with not so good outcomes. 

Archer is 14 and impulsive. He often doesn’t follow direct orders from Master Gabriel, and that leads to dastardly consequences. 

When the other two DreamTreaders disappear it is up to Archer to find them. But can he find them without disobeying Master Gabriel? Can he find them in time? Who can he trust to help him? Will he choose to trust the right person? 

Just what is a DreamTreader? A person who treads the Dream World repairing rifts in the dream fabric. What causes the rifts? Lucid Walkers for one. What is a Lucid Walker? A person, not a DreamTreader, who through some means (never explained in the book) enters the dream while still awake and participates in the dream. They have super natural abilities. But every time they use their abilities (available only in the dream) they lose some of their energy. They must reserve enough energy to get back to their anchor so they can return to the real world. To not make it back by 12 tolls of the clock means they are stuck permanently in the dream. To be stuck permanently in the dream means basically you lose your mind in the real world. 

This is, of course a work of fiction. Supposedly of Christian fiction. Written by Wayne Thomas Batson is a work of fantasy admittedly fantasy is not my favorite genre. I believe this book was written to be similar to The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. But I think it falls short. 

This book has a 14 year old, a freshman in high school acting more like a parent to his siblings and his own father than his father does. Archer also, in my opinion, goes looking for trouble in the dream. I can’t help but think he is searching for demons to destroy. 

If this is supposed to be a book about good triumphing over evil, God vs. satan, it falls short. There is a figure who, I believe, represents satan (the Nightmare Lord) but there is no one who would represent God. Good doesn’t triumph over evil. Yes, Archer wins the final battle with the Nightmare Lord but in the process commits murder (unknowingly and in the dream), and on more than on occasion he completely defies his master’s orders. With no consequences to himself. 

This book is written for the junior high/high school set. I requested the book to review initially to have my own 14 year old read it. I am glad I read it first. I’m not sure I’ll pass it along to her. I have no issues with fantasy, I have no issues with good triumphing over evil, or God vs. satan books. None at all. But when a book is marketed to Christian teens and says nothing at all about God, or mention Him, or have a character that obviously represents Him, I have issues. 

I want my children to read books by Christian authors who cement their belief about God and how He operates. I want them to know there is a God and I can see Him in this work of fiction. 

Now I do not expect my children to read only Christian books. We frequent the library and bookstores. Had they seen this book in the library and wanted to check it out, I’m not sure I would say yes. There is just something about this book that doesn’t set right with me. 

(I received a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.)


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