A Series of Unfortunate Events

That is what I named my calendar today. Not that I think it truly is a series of Unfortunate events, not all. But it’s just a funny name for a calendar.

I’m not a very organized person. I’m usually pretty happy if my socks match. And are folded. In the drawer. My oldest wonders how on earth I’ve lived this long without being “properly” organized. She takes Type-A to a whole new level. And that is okay. She refuses me the privilege of putting my books away on the bookshelf.

“Why?” you ask. Because I find a spot the book will fit in and there it stays. Not her. She organizes them all alphabetically by author and series.

School has started and with that our schedule has returned to it’s normal pace. Only this year we added a few things to our schedule.

The 11 year old plays volleyball with our local Christian school. She’s had two practices so far and her first game is Wednesday. I plan on being one of “those Momma’s” who attend every single game. But I won’t be the yelling kind.

The girls are also taking a couple of classes with a homeschool cooperative. Not many. In fact just 2, both will take one and the oldest will take another one.

In working out our schedule on the calendar I was struck by a flash of genius. Why don’t I color code our activities. That way we can see at a glance who has what, when and where.  In the words of the oldest child living in my house, “Momma! This is probably the more organized thing you’ve ever done!”

I fear she is probably correct. Which is why she is still living at this moment.

The above photo of my calender (minus a few events) was posted on facebook and has garnered quite the comments. I’ve been blessed by friends commenting different apps and calendars that they have found useful.

I spent the better part of the morning sitting here working on the calendar, first in long hand and then using google calendar. Now I’m going to try some of the other apps. I’m not pleased with how google calendar looks on my phone.

How do you keep track of your family’s activities?


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