The Sea House by Elisabeth Gifford {A Review}

When Ruth and Michael first see the Sea House on the remote Scottish island of Harris, they immediately purchase it. Despite it’s rough condition they have fallen in love with it. They start to dream dreams about the house, it’s history, and it’s future. They can see it be operated as a bed and breakfast.

As they work to refinish it they find, buried in the floorboards a tiny skeleton. Who was it? What had happened to it? Why was it buried in the floorboards instead of in the cemetery?

Ruth is determined to find out more about the people who were living in the house when the skeleton was placed there. She is driven to learn all she can about the poor baby, in hopes that it will help settle her own fears.

Growing up without a father and a mother who passes away when Ruth was a young girl her life wasn’t easy. It was thought, and reported to Ruth that her mother committed suicide. But did she?

This book is riveting and masterfully told. Elisabeth Gifford is a masterful-storyteller. She has written articles for The Times and The Independent and has a diploma in creative writing from Oxford OUDCE and an MA in creative writing from Royal Holloway College. She is married with three children. They live in Kingston on Thames, a suburb of London, but spend as much time as possible in the Hebrides.

Elisabeth handles tough issues with kid gloves. She writes in The Sea House about abuse, depression and post-traumatic stress, issues we all know about even if we personally have not experienced them.

The book was riveting, however, at times it was not an easy book to read. I read it at first with the mindset of it being written from a Christian perspective, much like most of the books I read for review. There were times though, I wasn’t sure. I would recommend this book highly with one caveat, there are a couple of instances where some crude language is used. I believe this is thought crude mostly on the part of Americans, in other parts of the world it would not be so. There is also some evolutionary phrases and thoughts.

If you want a good story of  loss, love, hope, and redemption, this is a great book!

Read below to learn more about the book and it’s author.

Don’t miss The Sea House, a stunning fiction debut from the UK. Set in a house on the windswept coast of the Outer Hebrides, Elisabeth Gifford‘s haunting tale effortlessly bridges a gap of more than a century. Adeptly interweaving two tales involving residents of the titular house, Gifford sets up an absorbing mystery revolving around local lore and myths about mermaids, selkies, and sealmen. Stretching seamlessly back and forth through time, layers upon layers of secrets are slowly and effectively peeled away in this evocative debut (Booklist).

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I received a free copy of this book from Litfuse for the purpose review. All opinions are my own.


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