Lights Out by Travis Freeman {A Review}

Travis Freeman was like most 12 year old boys growing up in Corbin, Kentucky. He dreamed about playing football for the Corbin RedHounds, and then the Kentucky Wildcats.

A few days after returning from church camp between his 6th and 7th grade years he awoke with a horrible headache. A headache that wouldn’t stop for almost 10 days.  The end of the headache though was  not the end of his ordeal.

He would soon find himself in the hospital in Lexington, KY while doctors tried feverishly to save his life.

They did.

But at the cost of his eyesight. He was totally blind. 

What about his football dreams? No one plays football blind. How do you know whom to tackle? Where to run? How do you get in the right huddle?

In 8th grade, the football coach put him in as center. He was prepared to be the water boy. But the coach had other plans. His teammates helped him get in position. He would snap the ball and fall (or lean) forward and hopefully land on a defensive player.

The book is written in an easy-conversational style. It is easy to imagine Travis sitting across the table from you, sharing a pot of coffee while he tells you his story.  It is a quick read,  there were a few places I was a little confused.

I found him a little too good to be true. I am not at all saying he’s not saying the complete truth, I found it hard to relate to him personally on a heart level.

If you’ve seen the movie, 23Blast this book, this story inspired that film. This would be the perfect gift for the football player, or just sports fan in your life. It is laced with humor, teaching about our relationship with Jesus. Travis does a masterful job at pointing to Jesus for all the glory.


I received a free copy of this book for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.


2 thoughts on “Lights Out by Travis Freeman {A Review}

  1. mamak says:

    Your review intrigued me and I read more about the movie 23 Blast, and decided to take the kids… It was excellent, we LOVED it. There were a couple of scenes that might be a little adult for your crew (drinking scenes) but overall it was so good… thank you for the nudge in that direction. Does the book talk much about Travis’s friend Jeffery Baker? Does it say what happened to him? (He apparently passed away… 😦

  2. Rebeca Seitz says:

    Hi, Mamak! Thanks so much for going to see 23 Blast. I love that you loved it! We do talk about Travis’s friendships in the book and how important they are to him. Travis is a big believer in the power of relationships and community. Jerry struggled with the hard battle of alcohol addiction in his life. He died as a result of a roofing accident.

    Thanks for the review, Virginia! When I first heard of Travis, I shared your thought, “This guy’s too good to be true.” Having now had untold hours of communication with him, his family, and his friends, I can assure you he’s the real deal. He simply loves the Lord and trusts Him…blindly. It’s refreshing to spend time with Travis and his parents. They remind me that I get too far into the weeds of my own thoughts and forget the power of clear faith in the Lord. I start making God resemble me instead of the other way around. At an interview at FOX in NYC last week (we were there for the red carpet premiere of the film), the journalist asked Travis if he could have his sight back, he’d take it. Travis said he would not. He listed all that his life has been afforded due to his blindness – opportunities and blessings that have come – and he said he wouldn’t trade any of those for sight. That’s just the man he is. He sees circumstance as secondary to enjoying life with God.

    I’d love to hear about the parts of the book that were confusing! Maybe I could fix them before the next printing. 🙂

    Thanks again!

    Rebeca Seitz

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