Giving of Thanks

This is not a “It’s Almost Thanksgiving And I Really Need To Tell You Something I’m Thankful For” post. I have been hit from all sides lately with the need to be truly thankful in and for all things. The easy and the hard. The profound and the mundane.

I just read this morning that if I am not thankful in and for the small, mundane things of life; I won’t possibly be thankful for the profound and the hard.

Life has hard things in it. I would say “life is hard” but only compared to what? What are we comparing life to when we say “Life is hard”?

Today I’m thankful for warm houses on cold days. It’s is currently -9F outside. Days like this when the temperature drops below zero, when you walk outside and you feel the cold in the very marrow of your bones you know you are alive.

Today I’m thankful for frost on the windows because it means it’s warmer inside than it is outside.


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