Monday after a Holiday

Why does it always seem the Monday after a holiday should be a holiday itself? I always find it so hard to get back to normal. It isn’t that I lazed around over the weekend, I ran hither and yon. But today is slow going for me. There is plenty I want to do, plenty more I need to do, but the motivation to get any of it started, much less done, is frozen to the ground.

I am not a fan of frozen. I’m not a fan of snow. I’m not a fan of cold. I’d rather it just snow on Christmas Eve, Christmas day and be done with it. I awoke yesterday to light snow falling, I surprised myself by actually hoping it continued all day. I wanted not much more than to go to church, come home, huddle under a blanket, watch football and maybe read a little bit all afternoon and evening.

The snow had stopped by the time church was done. Maybe if we had moved early service  even earlier, say 6 instead of its current time of 8, it might have worked.

We spent a lovely holiday with Mr. FullCup’s family in the eastern part of our state. They were amazed Wednesday when we arrived only 5 hours after leaving home. I’m not going to lie, they thought I had driven. I didn’t.  Now that the children are older, we don’t have to stop every other town for bathroom rights.

Of course at the same time, I’m getting older. I just didn’t drink as much. Shew! I tell you. I can go before leaving home, drive the one mile to Target and have to go again.

I have started running again this last week. Who starts running in November when the temperature plummets to -25F? Who in their right mind does that??

I do.

I ran 4.5 miles. Not at all once. Since I haven’t been running since October, 2013 I want to take it slow and easy. I was amazed at myself though. The first day out I tell the girls, “I’m only running 1 mile. So I should be home in 15-20 minutes.” (I told you I was going to take it slow.)

I did 1.53 in 21 minutes.

No, it won’t win any awards. It definitely was not my fastest or best time. But I’m happy.

Tomorrow I’ll have a funny story about the FullCup Prison that again, is muct like Alcatraz only not quite. This one even involves the local men in blue.


4 thoughts on “Monday after a Holiday

  1. mamak says:

    I tend to have a lot of energy right after a holiday… having all the holiday preparation and extra work over makes me feel like I suddenly have a bunch of extra time. We’re sewing today… some lessons on cutting out a pattern and using the machine, and then they are going to make new “warmers” (rice filled tubes to heat up for cold bedtimes….) I hope you guys have nice, not-too-cold day… 🙂

  2. myfullcup says:

    Hmmm maybe it’s because we generally travel for Thanksgiving, and I don’t have a lot of preparations. Except cleaning the house, packing and loading. I have energy…just don’t want to do anything. Which is an oxymoron.

  3. Amy says:

    I host Thanksgiving for a large family. I still feel tired 4 days after the holiday. I wish there was more time between Thanksgiving and Christmas! I’m not ready to hit the ground running with Christmas prep.

  4. mamak says:

    Yeah, I think travel can wear you out… Just sitting in the car always leaves me tired and with no energy.

    I hope tomorrow is a better day for you…

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