Christmas Times A’Comin’!

And to make festive I’m sharing with you my Christmas list. This isn’t a shameless plug for gifts, but if you should feel so inclined..why I wouldn’t say no.

Now you might be wondering what that is, so I’ll tell you. It’s sheets of drywall. Now you’re wondering if I’ve gone mad, who wants dry wall sheets for Christmas?

This girl. This girl who has asked for them in years past.

For this:


This is my small, extremely ugly in a big way back porch. It has looked much like this since we bought this house in August of 2001.


See, hideousness.

I’m also dreaming about power tools. Specifically a dremel, or a saw.

Ahhh A laser level.

I’m not going to lie, cold hard cash works well.

As does coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

A new coffee grinder too. Mine bit the dust last night. It’s just not quite the same grinding my beans with my blender. (Which I am very happy to have, makenomistake.)

Tomorrow…one of the girls’ list.


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