Beanie’s Christmas Wish List

Yesterday I was so befuddled over my oxymoron thoughts I completely forgot to share the girls’ Christmas wish lists. Today I’ll share Beanie’s.

She loves to draw. I mean she loves to draw. LOVES. She has been eyeballing some books at Hobby Lobby, almost every time she goes she walks in saying she’s going to buy one. And talks herself right out of it. The books are by Chris Hart. You can visit his website here. (You can also find the books on She currently obsessed with the Figure It Out! and Fashion Design Studio and Human Anatomy Made Amazingly Easy. (Apparently I’m not all that observant as she already has one Figure It Out! books.)

I can’t find a link for this one, but she also desires anything (and I do mean ANYTHING) pertaining to Adam-12. The old tv show we watched when we were kids. Here is a link to all things Adam 12 that has.

Anything pertaining to ballet.

A leather jacket. She wants to be Kent McCord, which isn’t really possible because he’s 72 and she’s 12. Not to mention the fact that he’s a him and she’s a her. But really those issues are so small as to not even be noticeable. She already has “Kent McCord” Sunglasses.

I’m really convinced if someone should wrap up Kent McCord and put him under the tree she would have died and gone to heaven. (I actually just forgot the type the “n” of heaven, she probably wouldn’t heave or go there. I’m not sure that’s even really possible.)  So I guess if she got a personalized autograph from him in the mail she would be over the moon and quite possibly not fit to live with. Her feet wouldn’t touch the ground for years, which would help immensely with ballet…at least the jumping part. The landing jumps though would be an issue.

Cycling magazines. But she’s afraid to get on her own crazy bike, crazy girl. She said “Yes, that’s true. But I do like reading about them.”

Lemony Snicket Books.


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