Christmas time has come and gone again.

And yet it still looks like Christmas.

The tree is packed away for another year, another home, another family. The decorations are mostly put away.

The house is almost back to normal.

The living room grew 100 feet in a few minutes without the tree in here taking up space.

The only vestiges of Christmas are the snowmen and the nativity. Those remain out for a few days longer. The snowmen will be out until spring.

Or longer if I forget to put them away.

Or shorter if I get tired of tripping over them and looking at them.

But it still looks like Christmas.

In abundance.

Maybe it’s the 2+ feet of snow we have on the ground. We received 14 inches of the cold white stuff on the 15th of December. On the 25th of December, we received another 12ish inches.  This morning, December 29, it started snowing again around 6. In about an hour, we had an inch or more of the wicked stuff.

And still it falls.

Silently. Softly.

Or maybe it’s the feeling of Christmas that lives on in my heart.


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