I am a gift person. I just love them. Gifts speak love to me. Often when Mr. FullCup comes home with a shopping bag I’m positive it’s something for me.

Usually it’s his dirty lunch dishes.

Which are for me. But not quite what I was expecting, if you know what I mean.

You are never going to guess what greeted me this morning as I prepared to work in the church office.

Never in a million years.

So I’ll tell you….

20150109_093945Do you have any idea what those are?


Not the football team. The chocolate and peanut butter balls.

Oh my soul.

Now I’ve been eating very clean for a lot of time. I ate all ten of these luscious goodness filled  morsels one right after the other.  I told the giver, “Peanut butter and chocolate…my weakness.

I will now commence with the flopping, the flipping and the all things dying.

But I will die a happy girl.

This reminds me of working in Missouri and telling a friend I’d do anything for Pringles. I would too. I love them. I was soon going to be transferring departments and her husband was going to be my new boss. The next morning on my desk was a full container of Pringles.

As I was contemplating this I kept hearing in my head all the people who would sit and judge me for eating chocolate and peanut butter. Full of garbage and sugar. Sugar and garbage.

I almost felt the need to defend myself, and almost talked myself out of posting it, or at least honestly posting it. I thought about just posting the picture and not saying I ate them.


Why do I allow what I think others will say, or think or how they will judge as me being less affect my happiness and joy? Why?

Why do we?

As for me, the rest of the day I’ll be focusing on the gift and the giver, and plotting ways to pilfer more buckeyes.


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