ln Bible study this morning a friend walked up to me as I was preparing to make coffee for the ladies. She told me she had every intention of cleaning up the coffee pot for me but between the cleaning up of the brownies, cookies and other paraphernalia that cluttered the room and getting her things ready for the morning she just didn’t have time…or she forgot.

I can’t seem to remember now exactly what she said.

Another friend was talking about dementia. I made the comment “No one will know when I have that.” And it’s true. They won’t. I’m already pretty much there as it is.

Another friend asked me if I would make a macaroni salad for a funeral dinner at church. She asked me this on Saturday. I quickly agreed and made a plan to get it made and at the church before Monday morning. Monday afternoon I received a call from the church office, they were wondering where my macaroni salad was.

Face palm.

I told my friend at Bible study this morning that if I never forgot anything at all I could be justified in getting angry with her but since I’m very forgetful I just wouldn’t. And couldn’t.

There is a reason I’ve mentioned these things…

All morning I knew exactly what I was going write about this afternoon. I might have even known last night. But now? Nope. It’s gone.

So I’ll share a funny story instead. My oldest is in choir at our local high school, she has class M-W-F mornings. Two of those days, she starts at 9:25, which is great. Except one of those days is Wednesday and my Bible study starts at 9. Last week I tried taking her with me, leaving in time to get her to class on time and then after Bible study going to get her. It worked. But it wasn’t ideal as I felt so scattered and rushed I didn’t feel I got anything at all from Bible study.

I asked a friend of mine who lives near the high school if Goober could stay at her house for a little bit before class. She said it would great. So this morning I dropped her off and her husband (My friends, not my child’s) greeted her with “Did you bring your calligraphy stuff?”

Of course, the answer was affirmative, I’m not sure she leaves home without it most of the time. He had her sit at the table and they worked on calligraphy together. He taught her about keeping the lines straight, the letters a uniform size, yada yada.

At ten after 9, he told her, “We’d better give you 15 minutes to get to class.” And she was shuffled on out the door.

To walk across the street.

She told me, “I thought, ‘you’re my father in disguise!!”

(Now you must know, her father is slow. And I mean that in the nicest way.)


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