Keep Walking

How many of you just had the VeggieTale song from Josh and The Big Wall run through your mind?

Yeah, neither did I.

It has been unseasonably warm this week, so yesterday when the 14-year-old had choir at our high school we left early enough we could walk the mile to the school.

I first knew we would have trouble when a nice man in a blue pickup (completely unrelated to another nice man I know who drives a blue pickup) drove past us and kept watching us walk down the street for a few blocks. Seriously people his head was out of his window.

The thought that ran through my mind was very mature, and not at all what I learned in elementary school,

Stare, stare, booger bear, 
I don’t have your dirty underwear.

Because you know I am mature like that.

At least I didn’t say it out loud. Which I almost did. Why didn’t I? Well, you see at that precise moment I glanced down and saw a pair of men’s underwear in the muddy water off the curb.

Who knows! Maybe I did have his underwear. Of course, I couldn’t not comment on the undies in the gutter. So we had a nicely, lively discussion on how the undies could have gotten in the gutter. To give the wearer (or not wearer as the case maybe) the benefit of the doubt, we concluded that in all likelihood his washer and dryer was in need of repairs so he was forced to use the laundromat. His undies simply fell out or were blown out of the basket…on the return trip.  We had already discussed whether or not they were clean and decided at that moment they were dirty because you know the water they were in was not clean water. And even if they were clean they were practically in the street.

We noted that we saw no other article of clothing hence the laundromat theory. Maybe if we had seen charred remains or even ashes of clothing we could have concluded that he had lied and his pants really had caught on fire. So naturally he stripped, stopped, dropped and rolled. Leaving his undies in the gutter for us to spy out on a nice sunny day.

It’s a nice thought, isn’t it?

(I’ll have a house update for you tomorrow. But I’ll let you know something now, I’m not all that fond of living in limbo.)


One thought on “Keep Walking

  1. mkle says:

    Now I have the veggie tales guys singing “Keep Walking” in my head… thank you very much!

    And… you mean I have to wait until tomorrow to find out the newest on the house situation?! Nothing like ending your post with a cliff hanger. (I’ll be back tomorrow… 🙂

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