20141108_104324Big big sigh.

You know life is just chock full of ups and downs. So full. If you’re anything like me at times the ups and downs come within seconds of each other.

We’ve had a bpo (Broker Price Opinion) on our house, our realtor has shown our house once (and it’s not listed yet). The good news is two-fold.

  1. The people liked our house. Their comment, “It’s bigger and nicer than we were expecting.”
  2. The bpo was higher than we had anticipated.

The bad news is…well…in a nutshell….we are not fond of USDA. We have a first-time home buyers loan through them and they’re being persnickety pains in our rumpus.

On an all time high (or an all-time high of the past few weeks) we contacted them to see what the regulations were to sell our house.

Yes. The USDA has that authority. Because of the first-time home buyers loan.

It was looking to my frail and feeble eyes like there was no way it could or would happen because it appears we will owe more than we thought to pay off our house.

This has only fueled our desire to be out from under everything USDA before the next 20 years is up.

So we’re going ahead.

Mr. FullCup has contacted a friend of ours about doing a walk through of the house to give his opinion on it and what needs to be done. He wants and estimate.

I want to do it.  Except removing the asbestos dropped ceiling. Yeah, I’ll let professionals remove that.

Just to be clear…the house is structurally sound. But it is old. And one can’t know everything without tearing into it. And we’re not doing that yet. So I expect to have unexpecteds come up unexpectedly.

But is it really unexpected if I’m expecting them?

The ball is kind of out of our court. The people are thinking about it and will let our realtor know what/when they decide what they will do.

In the meantime, I’m thinking I might just list it and see what happens.  And try and avoid pinning all sorts of things I’d like to do to the house.  And pray like crazy cakes.


4 thoughts on “House…

  1. Allen Gifstad says:

    How are things going on the house plans? Would hope to see the house and see what kind of electricial boxes it has and the foundation of the house.If it has a basement check for cracks in the middle rooms

  2. mkle says:

    Be very, very careful… If you are thinking about buying or trading for it, you might really want to pay for a professional inspection (maybe you already are/have). The possible asbestos issues are very scary to me… Might that be why the current owners stopped renovating? It can be incredibly expensive to have those kinds of problems “fixed” properly and safely… (We used to have neighbors who did that kind of work.) Food for thought: Could this house’s role have been to be the impetus for you guys to make the decision it was time to sell your house and find a home/neighborhood that will work better for you, but not necessarily be “the” house? Good luck and lots of (((hugs)))… keep us posted!

  3. Michelle says:

    Just a small bit of sisterly advice … if it’s in God’s plan, then it will happen 🙂 AND, it will happen in His time, not yours.

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