You Can’t Sit With Us by Nancy Rue {A Review}

(I’ve been a lean, mean reading machine lately, so I have a lot of books to review for you. This one, though, is reviewed by my 14-year old.)

Loved it! I absolutely loved it! Ms. Rue does a phenomenal job of presenting honest truths about bullying in a fun way. In You Can’t Sit with Us, readers get to know Ginger, a victim of bullying in Grass Valley, California. Even though bullying has more of less ceased inside the school, Ginger’s past is dramatized and posted all over social media when she chooses to trust Kylie Steppe, ex-bully with the few facts she does know about her mother’s death.

Ms. Rue hits on several important notes like the importance of communicating with your family. There are tons of life-lessons tucked inside this delightful installment of Mean Girls Makeover.

Ms. Rue has done a fantastic job creating real-life characters that readers can laugh with, triumph with, cry for and occasionally want to pull the heads off the Pack of bullies. Even though books are directed at middle-schoolers, I think high-schoolers will enjoy them and learn from them as well. In my opinion, everything about You Can’t Sit with Us should absolutely received full marks.

We received a free copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of review. All opinions are our own. You are encouraged to get your own copy of the book and read it for yourself.


4 thoughts on “You Can’t Sit With Us by Nancy Rue {A Review}

  1. Jamie Gil says:

    Great review! Keep up the good work! Writing reviews like this is so helpful for the authors and this series is so important since it’s part of the whole So Not Okay anti-bullying movement. It’s exciting to see a 14 year like you writing great reviews already! šŸ™‚

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