Gifts and Giftedness

I’ve spent the greater part of the past 12 years pondering my spiritual gift. I’ve taken test after test after test to reveal what my gift really was. I’ve gotten the same answer time after time. You would think that would be enough to convince me.

It wasn’t.

My result revealed a talent I have. But not my spiritual gift.

So I’ve been praying that my gift, my special gift from God to be used to build up His body for His glory, a passion for something that goes beyond anything I could possess and did possess from birth would be shown to me. And slowly over time (because I’m slow to learn) God has been showing me. Not by words or sky-writing. But by revealing a passion in me. By showing me things I currently do, attitudes I have that are not natural for me at all.

A dozen and a half years ago a man took a chance on an immature, selfish woman by giving her a job. A job she had never done before and had no real qualifications for.  That job, and the training I received have proved invaluable to me. Those years I spent in his employ revealed to me a talent I was given.  During this time, I discovered my talent for office administration and my desire/passion to see ministry leaders look good.  Those desires and talents were shown and honed a few years ago. But my spiritual gift has been more recently shown to me.

I am, like all human beings, intrinsically selfish. It’s my nature. I don’t know if I’m any more or less selfish than the next person, I only know when the chips are down I’m more likely to look out for myself than anyone else.  Helping someone else has not ever been high on my list of priorities. Helping myself, you betcha. Others? Nope.

However, in the past couple of years God has been changing my desires. I now see that my spiritual gift is not administration (as the tests revealed). It’s not “pastor-shepherd” as the tests also revealed.

It’s service.

I get a huge charge out of serving others. I’ve noticed when you take my natural talent of office administration, add a heaping dose of my desire to see leaders look good and add my spiritual gift of service, you have a dynamic combination. A combination that both excites and thrills me. A combination that I’m passionate about, passionate enough to do any job utilizing those abilities for His glory and for free.

To put my money where my mouth is, I am currently working as a volunteer. I volunteer my time and abilities as an administrative assistant to an author from California.

And I couldn’t be happier. The joy and for lack of a better word, warm fuzzies I get from this is payment enough. I am truly the richest person I know.  To take the natural talent God gave me, added with a passion that can only come from Him, and the spiritual gift He bestowed is overwhelming to me. That He should desire to use me at all to bless others is mind-boggling.

It also feeds the passion to do more for Him. His pay scale is out of this world.


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