The Paleo Chef by Pete Evans {A Review}

paleochefWithin the past few years I’ve started eating better. Within the past few months I’ve started eating cleaner and a little more Paleo. I’ve discovered a love for veggies, a better outlook on life, more joy, more energy.

I’ve had to, of course, change the way I cook. I’ve begun to devour Paleo cookbooks (pun intended). The latest one is The Paleo Chef by Pete Evans.

Pete Evans has 25 years of experience as a professional chef.  He has a desire to share his culinary passions with the world.  He’s an avid student of diet and nutrition, to that end he dived deep into the world of Paleo. He researched it extensively, lived the Paleo lifestyle and we get to reap the benefits of his study and tests.

He has written a cookbook, The Paleo Chef, that tells of his research, and gives us 10 things he things we ought to know. Things like:

  • The cave is optional
  • What to eat and drink.
  • What not to eat and drink

The recipes look amazing. The full color pictures make you want to take a bite out of the book. I haven’t been able to yet try and of the recipes, but you can be assured they will find their way to my menu and my dinner table.

Do you like Jerk Chicken? He has a paleo recipe for you. What about Aioli? The recipe is in there.

I’m making myself very hungry flipping through this book. That is a good thing! If you’re one of those who follow a Paleo diet, or are thinking about it, get this book. Read and make some of the recipes, your tastebuds and family will thank you for it.

I received a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.


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