Just another dumb girl.

Ever wonder what happens in the church office on a Monday?


Well then. You might want to skip right over this post. If you answered yes, keep reading.

The office officially opens at 8:30 but I’ve gotten in the habit of arriving at 8. I started that because I would have to leave to take my oldest to choir at the high school and I just felt better knowing I was being honest with my time sheet and the church’s money. She hasn’t had classes but I’m still coming in at 8.

This morning the computer was extremely slow. I mean it was so slow one could go into the kitchen, make some boiled eggs and eat them while waiting for the computer. A few of the keys decided they weren’t working today because apparently they wanted more money.

A quick (slow?) restart to the computer had it changing it’s tune.

I also brought my laptop in because I need to access a file on it. That dern machine wouldn’t connect to the wifi. I tried everything. Disconnecting. Connecting. Trying a different network. Nothing. Sigh. Then I realized my phone also wasn’t connecting. I learned this when I kept hitting Send/Receive all folders in the church’s email and nothing came. I had used my phone to send the church an email with the file I needed.

Switch that to mobile data and we’re good to go.

Then my headache started. Well the one where my head actually ached. I’m pretty sure the above gave me the headache. I left to get lunch and some caffeine help with the headache.

I really, really hate how fast food makes my innards feel. Bleh.

After eating lunch I took my trash out side to the dumpster because I wanted more sunshine and didn’t want the office to smell like fast food.  I tucked a box I had flattened under my arm, grabbed my keys and went out in to the glorious sunshine.  At the dumpster I tossed in the trash in my hand.

And my keys.

I tossed them all in the empty dumpster.

My keys laid there on the bottom mocking me.

Now what I was going to do? I was the only one on the premises. The fill-in janitor was  coming back but she wasn’t here yet. I was locked out of the building. I needed those keys. I’m way to short to bend over the edge and hope to reach the bottom.

So I climbed in.

Oh yeah. I climbed in, grabbed my keys and did a quick gymnastics course getting back out. Apparently all the upper arm exercises I’ve done have paid off.

There is an upside, ladies, to having a “fat day”. I had planned on wearing a skirt today but felt too fat in it.

I’m pretty much afraid do anything else right now. Who knows what will happen!


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