Faithgirlz Bible {A Review}

There was only one thing I disliked about this Bible: There were no features that were exclusive to this particular Bible. The cover was new and creative by the inside was virtually the same.

As I said, the cover design was beautiful and I loved it. Especially the magnetic closure. My Bible (and books in general) have a habit of falling open in my bag, so the snap was very exciting.

As far as the inside goes, there is really nothing notable to report but the features were as follows:

  • Dream Girl–Ever wondered what it was like to live in Bible times? This feature uses your imagination to show you what it may have been like to witness some key events.
  • Bring It On–This is a personal favorite of mine. They are scattered throughout and they are quizzes and each answer is backed up with a Bible verse.
  • Oh I get it!–Basically a Q&A explaining some of the things you may not understand.
  • Treasure This!–Good verses for memorizing!
  • Is there a little____ in you?–Quizzes that will help you understand some Bible characters–and yourself–a little better.
  • In Your Own Words–You get to summarize some key events in Scripture in your own words.

I give this four out of five turning pages.

(Review written by my 12 year old. I did not read this book.)

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.


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