Like Father, Like Son by Pete Alwinson, {A Review}

lfls“If you’ve ever finished a book about how to be a man and felt worse than when you started, you need Like Father, Like Son. Forty years of men’s ministry has convinced Pete Alwinson–and will soon convince you–that knowing God’s fatherly love changes everything for a man.”

So reads the back of the book by Pete Alwinson, Like Father, Like Son, How Knowing God as Father Changes Men. It is  a true statement, but one that I think has been said many times before.

I have long heard ( and wholeheartedly agree) of the importance of men, I’m a fan of men. I agree wholeheartedly that fathers are important. I know how important it is to have a good view of God as a father, and how we perceive God in that role changes us. (yes, even though I’m not now, nor ever will be a father.)

This book, though well-written, is more than a little redundant, at least in my opinion. Mr. Alwinson didn’t say anything different in chapter 5 than he said in chapter 1. As I read I found myself getting frustrated because it had already been said.

Mr. Alwinson did point out very well the importance of  having a right relationship with God. He reiterated the importance of completely relying on God to help us parent.  He showed us time and again the importance of fathers–and fathers who are present. He talked about different types of fathers and how they are (or should be) all rolled into one.

If you’re a father, or will be a father someday, you might want to check this book out.


I received a free copy of this book from Litfuse for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.


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