Coincidentally speaking

The other day I picked my oldest up from piano lessons and she excitedly greeted me with, “Momma! I have two new songs! They’re both classical, and Mr. B and I both know that isn’t ‘me’, but if I want to be a concert pianist I have to learn classical.”

(Just an aside, I love teachers like our beloved Mr. B, teachers who see talent and gifts in people and work to bring it out. Teachers who know their students so well they know what is them and what isn’t them, but also are willing to teach them the difficult things that they need to know even though it isn’t really them.)

She went on to tell me that she had been given one of the songs a year ago and had hated it. But this day something was different. She didn’t want to go to class, she wanted to play Raindrops (or some other title in D Major) by Chopin.

She hates Chopin. We call him, sometimes affectionately, Chop-In, because he’s choppy. She almost always refers to him as “that drunken Chopin”.

She doesn’t know what makes this year different or why she didn’t like the song last year at all. I don’t either.

One thing I do know. There is no such thing as a coincidence. Not at all. Everything happens when it is supposed to happen.

Sometimes God says no to something because the time isn’t right. (Or sometimes because the answer is just plain ol’ no.) Now is not the time for that. Then He in His unending grace and wisdom will pull it back out when the time is right and He will work it into a thing of great beauty.

I’ve experienced this is in my own life lately. I find myself questioning, “Why couldn’t I do that before? I didn’t do anything differently this time but it wasn’t there and then BOOM it was. What changed?”

Nothing. Nothing changed except my need and my heart.

We may never know why God says no at one time and then yes later, but that is where our faith comes in . We have to trust His heart fully. We have to rely on His wisdom. We have to rest our weary souls in Him and wait for His timing.

There is a saying, “Coincidence is just when God chooses to remain anonymous”. I call that an affront to God. God, who made the world and all it contains, who makes Himself very clearly seen in all creation, does not choose to remain anonymous. Everything He does points to Himself, we are the ones who are just to blind, to sinful to see through the facade to see Him at work in us. Through us. And all around us.

Oh Lord, please open our human eyes to see You working in us, through us…


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