Lessons from Captivity

I am by nature a rather competitive girl. I’ll compete with almost anyone, if I think I can beat them. If I feel at a distinct disadvantage, that takes all the fun out of it for me and I just won’t play the game. But let me feel I can win, I’ll compete with anyone.

That’s not always a good thing. Because I can be a very sore loser. I’m prone to call foul!

You know when Moses goes back to Egypt at God’s command and goes before Pharaoh. Aaron throws his staff down, it turns into a snake and then the magicians of Pharaoh do the same. As if they were playing some cosmic game of “Anything you can do, I can do better”.  The same thing happened with the water turning to blood.

It’s impossible to see God and obey Him when we think we can do the same thing. We won’t obey God when we compete with Him. We also won’t win as the competition will just get harder and harder. Sometimes God uses my own foolish competition to make my consequences worse. Pharaoh’s wise men were able to to many of the plagues as well, so they just added to the trouble.

Any time we think we can do it better than God, or know more than God, or think it’d be fun to just compete with Him, we are making ourselves into idols and God into a puppet we can control and beat. God doesn’t work that way. If I want to compete with God, I am telling God I’m just as godlike as He is and I’m probably better at being a God.

Kind of dumb, isn’t it? But we all do it.

Do NOT enter into a competition with God to be God! Humble yourself and accept His discipline. Don’t add to your own pain. We can only add to the pain, we aren’t powerful enough to subtract from it. We can increase the plagues, but only God can get rid of them and we have only to ask Him.

When we ask Him, we find Him to be so very faithful!

The thing about those plagues? They all left almost immediately after Moses prayed for the to leave. There wasn’t anything overly special about Moses, he was just a man who believed God and obeyed Him.

He had a front row seat to watch God work on behalf of His people. We can have that same seat, if we like Moses believe Him and obey Him in everything. Never forgetting that He is God and we are not able to compete with Him. He is so much bigger than we are.

He is working for our deliverance! He wants us to live free in Him. To do that we have to submit ourselves to Him in obedience and watch Him bring about our freedom from those who would keep us captive.