Is it Roasting in here or is it just me?

I promised a few weeks ago on social media that I would share my roast recipe and well now is the time.


I’ve never considered myself any kind of cook at all. When Mr. FullCup and I were dating, lo those many, many years ago, we ate out all the time. And by all the time I really mean, All. The. Time.  Because this girlfriend couldn’t boil water. I would routinely burn things in the microwave.

Yes. That is possible. I’d also burn water. I’m just that special.

I’ve been somewhat challenged by a friend (who is completely oblivious to this challenge) to cook more and be creative. He’s shared a couple of recipes. And they were good! So good one week, I told my youngest offspring that I was cooking a new recipe. Her response was a giddy, “Ohhhh. Is this from friend __________” (obviously not his real name.) Later when I told Mr. FullCup the same thing, he had the same reaction.

Momma was not amused. But she did pick up the gauntlet of challenge and has been cooking more and experimenting.

Enough chit-chat. On to the recipe.


Don’t you just hate it when bloggers post pictures that have nothing to do with the blog post?

First, you’ll want to heat a dutch oven on the stove at least 3.5-4 hours before you want to eat. In that add one stick (1/2 cup) of butter.

BUTTER, folks. Real, unadulterated BUTTER!! Not margarine. That stuff isn’t even food.


Let it get all good and melty.


Then add one (or two if they’re small) chopped onion.


Often I’ll also add zucchini or some type of bell pepper, but I was out so I didn’t add that this time. To this add 4 cloves of garlic that have also been chopped err minced.


Now, your chopping should be done. Mince those garlic cloves a little more than is pictured.

Use kosher salt …probably about 1/2 tablespoon. I don’t measure though. So just pour some into your hand and then rub your hands together over the roast. Sprinkle with pepper until it looks good to you. And give your roast a good rub down. Do this on both sides.

Just as the onions begin to turn brown, add the roast.


To this add one can of Rotel, one can stewed or diced tomatoes. If you don’t have Rotel, no worries and no need to rush to the store. Just use 2 cans diced tomatoes. If you don’t like your roast to kick you in the back of the throat, don’t add the Rotel, just use 2 cans of tomatoes.

Add 1.5 tablespoons cumin, 1 tablespoon chili powder, 2 pinches cayenne pepper, 1/2 tablespoon Hot Banana Pepper juice, 6 cubes beef bouillon.


Now add 1/2 cup red wine. Make sure it’s dry! I only cook with wine so I buy the cheapest I can find. I have tried the wine, both red and white, and let’s just say I’m definitely not a fan. Twice I have downed a glass and then driven to the store. Oh my!


Now, the other jar has a lovely concoction we like to call ____(obviously not his real name) Soy Sauce. But that recipe isn’t mine and I’m not sharing it. So let’s just say I add a little special ingredient. But it’s just as good without this so just forget this whole conversation.

Oh! And the knobs on my stove top, they’re in the sink being washed. You can do the same when you make this recipe or not. It’s up to you. It doesn’t add or detract from the dish at all.

Oh I am so witty today!

Now bring all of that goodness to a nice boil.


Add one more stick of butter.

Cover, reduce the heat to barely on.


And just let ‘er cook. Turn the roast every hour, and I’d let it sit and cook for at least 3 and preferably 4 hours.

This can also be cooked in the slow cooker. Or you can put the dutch oven in the oven at 350° (or lower!). In the slow cooker, I’d give it all day–at least a full 8-hours to cook on low.

I serve this with the Pioneer Woman’s mashed potatoes or steamed veggies. Or if I’m really being crazy, I’ll serve it with both. And a loaf of crusty Italian bread.

Of course when you’re done prepping and it’s simmering away, your kitchen will likely look a bit like this:


But no fear! You have plenty of time to clean it.




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