Of Bread and Wine

thankfulmugLately I’ve been pondering communion. The Eucharist. The time in our worship when we sit in somber solemnness and take the Bread and the Wine.

Then after we sing a hymn (or not) we just get up, vacate the sanctuary and go about our lives as if nothing of any import had just happened. As if our lunch plans superseded anything that Jesus did for us that day on the cross.

As if the roast we have at home in the oven was more pressing than the sacrifice that saved our souls from the fiery pits.

Maybe it’s only those who have recently been singed by a fiery pit who really understand the Eucharist. The giving of thanks. The importance of what we just did.

I think all too often communion is just another thing we do as if by rote memory. “Oh, yes, it’s the first Sunday. We have communion. Crap dang it! We just had that last month (or last week) and now the service will go long. And I’m starving. I wonder if my chicken will burn in the oven because now we have to have communion. Or maybe someone will invite us over/out for lunch? I wonder who it will be.”

We’ve already forgotten the Jesus we claim to love, we’ve forgotten His sacrifice, we’ve forgotten the Bread and the Wine and we haven’t even partaken of it yet.

“Do THIS in Remembrance of Me” (Luke 22:19)

What is the THIS we are supposed to do?

Maybe our version of communion, the Eucharist, isn’t it. I know for sure our attitude towards the Eucharist is definitely not it.

Maybe it isn’t communion Jesus is after. Maybe what He is really saying is simply, “Remember Me” In all of our every day activity. “As you eat and drink, be remembering Me. As you walk in the way, as you sit to relax, as you work, as you play, just remember Me. Include Me in your day. Think about Me. Make Me a living, vital part of your every day mundane.

Remember Me.

In the days that are mundane for you, when you just do the very same thing you’ve done before for a thousand yesterdays stretching into a million tomorrows.

Remember Me.

When it is so mind-numbingly boring you just want to scream.

Remember Me.

When the days are exciting and special,

Remember Me.

Remember My love for you. Remember My brokenness for you.

Remember Me.

Maybe, just maybe what we are to remember is not the bread and wine, but the Person who IS the Bread and Wine.

Maybe it’s just like Christmas, we forget the Christ-child in our rush to open packages. In our communion we forget the One we’re supposed to commune with. We forget the reason for our Eucharist in our rush to get it done and over with.

We should remember Him, because He never forgets us!

Oh Bread of Life, help me to Remember You. Let me not forget You or Your sacrifice. Help me to savor each moment of life with You. Help me choose to Remember You at all times. Don’t let me forget the Giver when I’m partaking of the Eucharist. Let me give thanks to You and For You.

One thought on “Of Bread and Wine

  1. One of the best things for me when we changed churches this year was that we now take communion every week. Our denominational perspective is that communion is a time of remembrance but also–& more important to me–it is a means of grace at that moment. So in taking the bread and wine I’m actually receiving a special portion of grace–a second helping maybe–to sustain me in my journey and I’m always in need of that!
    I appreciate hearing your perspective on communion and the need we all have to focus on Christ first and in all things.


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