The Color Yellow

There was once a young girl who was unloved, unwanted, un-everything she should have been.

One day in late August of 1978 she was getting dressed for school and she chose a yellow dress. As she left for the third grade that day she thought to herself, “I look cute today!”  No one had ever told her she looked cute but still she reveled in the idea that she was cute on that day.


Within 120 minutes of thinking that very thought she was being sexually molested.  She realized that thinking she looked cute and wearing yellow meant bad, horrible things happened to her. She chose to never again think she looked cute and never to wear the color yellow.

Several years passed and she kept the promise she made to herself that day.  Every day she even had the passing thought that she looked cute was disastrous.  While she seemed unable to completely prevent her thoughts from thinking on any particular day she looked cute, she was completely able to keep the promise to not wear yellow.

She did buy one yellow outfit, it was a completely different shade of yellow and she only wore it twice before giving it away.


That little girl is now all grown up.  Married with children of her own, living in her own little house. Inside the little house all the main living areas are a bright, cheery shade of yellow.

Not only is her house yellow, this abused and abandoned little girl, just bought herself a pair of bright yellow sandals.

And she thinks she looks cute.

That is the grace and healing work of Jesus.