The Calling

A number of weeks ago I had been praying about what my calling was. What did Jesus have for me to do specifically? I knew He had created me for something, I knew there was something He had just for me to do, tailor made to fit my skin. But what was it?

One day I was sitting in my car and I very distinctly heard, “Called to ___________!”
“Lord, what?”
And He repeated it.
What? How?
And He repeated it.

I’ve heard it and pondered it often over the past weeks. I’ve thought about it, wondered how to do it. I even made a few attempts at it. But it all seemed to fall flat.


I thought that once I knew what I was supposed to do for Jesus, He would just take over and I’d do it all. I thought it would be easy, as easy as sitting down at the computer and blogging.

Easy-peasy, right?

Yeah. But not.

And why isn’t it? I am indwelt by the Holy Spirit, I have been sealed in Him with the Holy Spirit of Promise (Ephesian 1:13), He is my life ((John 14:6), I have died, been crucified with Him and the life I live isn’t lived by me, but Christ lives the life in me (Galatians 2:20). This should be easy.

But not.


You see, while that all is very true. We still have an enemy who desires nothing more than to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10). All too often we give in to him and deny the Holy Spirit free-reign in us.

When we know what we are called to do for Jesus, the enemy attacks with ferocity because we’ve moved from not even being a blip on his radar screen to being a mildly annoying pest to being a full-on threat. When the enemy feels threatened he goes after the threat.

To kill. To steal. And to destroy.

He puts up stop signs. He gets us to think the way we’re going is not the right way. We’re traveling the wrong way on a divided highway.  He will work to convince us we are on the wrong side, in the wrong lane. And he pulls out all the stops.

Or he’ll put up a stop light that is always red. With a stop sign once you stop if no one is coming you can go, but a stoplight, yeah you’re just stopped there until the light changes to green.  Only his lights are never green. Or yellow. Just red all the time.

DSC_0145 (1)




So we stop and we’re stuck there. Knowing what God has called us to do, but there’s this stop sign of the flesh.

Because we’re afraid. Afraid we heard wrong. Afraid we can’t. Afraid we have no ability. Afraid we’ll fail. Afraid everyone else can do it better. Afraid we don’t know how.

But our God’s name is not “Afraid”, it’s not even “I AM Afraid”. No! His name is simply, I AM.

I AM a very present help in times of trouble. (Psalm 46:1)

I AM your life. I AM your Way. I AM your Truth. (John 14:6)

I AM the God who calls you out of darkness. (1 Peter 2:9)

How does all of this relate to our calling?

He is our present reality. His Life in us makes us new and makes all things new. We don’t have to give in to fear. Yes, the road of our calling might be hard, difficult and we might fall down. But He is still our present reality.

We have to daily, or more often–as often as needed– submit ourselves to Him. When we submit we resist something. When we submit to Jesus we resist the devil. When we submit to something, we resist something else and the something else has to flee. When we submit to Him, we resist the devil and he must flee.

Our flesh and our fears can not stand in the presence of an Almighty, Holy God who’s name is I AM.

For this very purpose I raised you up to demonstrate My power in you, and that My Name might be proclaimed throughout the whole earth. Romans 9:17

We were raised up in Christ for a purpose! He wants to use us to demonstrate His power in us. We are called to proclaim His Name (I AM!) throughout the whole earth. If we’re still sitting at satan’s stop sign, we are not fulfilling His Holy calling on our lives!

And that, my dear friend, is nothing but a big pile of sin.