Jesus Every Day by Mary DeMuth {A Review}

I don’t remember when I was first acquainted with Mary DeMuth’s book but each one has been a blessing.

I was recently blessed to be on the launch team for her newest book (released December 1, 2017), Jesus Every Day.  This book is like no other book you’ve read or even heard about.

You’ve heard about Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. Jesus Every Day is similar but at the same time completely different.

Mary DeMuth loves to pray. At the end of her emails she always asks, “Mind if I pray for you?” and then she writes out a prayer of blessing. My life has been blessed, challenged, and touched by those prayers. The lives of others have also been blessed as many people over the past few years have encouraged her to put these prayers into a book. For two years Mary sought a publisher who would accept an unconventional book like this and the people at Harvest House caught her vision and Jesus Every Day was birthed in book form.

Jesus Every Day is designed much like a devotional with daily readings. The book has 365 prayers starting in Genesis and going through Revelation. The days are labeled Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 etc, rather than January 1, January 2, January 3 so the reader can start at the beginning any day.

This book has opened my eyes and heart to see more of my Jesus and His actions for me. I have, through Mary’s prayers, been able to see Jesus in a whole new light. He has used these prayers to broaden my vision.

If you would like Mary to pray over, for, and with you, get this book! You can find it at your local Christian bookstore or your favorite online retailer. You might want to get several copies as you will want to give some away to friends and family.



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